Even amongst the many flavors of nerd in nerd culture, the board gamers stand out as the weird ones. Nevertheless, these are my people. You know who you are. Over the past few years my partner and I at Analog Evolution Games have been creating and semi successfully selling some of our creations. Our mission is simple - to get people off of their devices and interacting face to face again. 

Below is our current catalogue of creative catastrophes.

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Status:  available  (print on demand)*
The first game launched by Analog Evolution. In this westward expansion adventure, each player takes on the roll of one of a ragtag group of  pioneers intrepidly braving the wilds of the American frontier lands. Load up the wagon, hitch up the oxen and set off down the trail! But beware, because danger lurks around every turn. Natural disasters, diseases, nefarious folk, wild animals and a host of bizarre encounters await you. Never before has catastrophic damage been so much fun. Not all of you will make it, but you'll have a good time trying. This is a cooperative game ideally for six players that creates a new and more outrageous story every time you play. And if the premise sounds familiar, yes, the concept is comes from a nostalgic love for the old Oregon Trail game.

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*unfortunately our Kickstarter for this game was not a success. It is currently only available by print on demand , making it far more expensive than we would like it to be.  We intend to Kickstart it agin soon.


Medicine Whoops


Status: available
Our first successfully kickstarted game. In this fast-paced take-that style game, players take on the rolls of doctors at the world's most underfunded hospital. With the arrival of each new patient, doctors frantically race to get to the ER, then compete to see if they can perform horrific operations with whatever random tools they just happen to have on them. Beware though, you sub-par doctors, your opponents want nothing more than to see you fail and will do anything in their power to stop you, from shaking the table during an incision to sticking a lobster down your trousers. For two two four players of questionable moral standing.

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Samuel Sandwich


Status:  in development
A gentleman's game of cannibalism. We felt that there weren't enough games on the market where you can literally devour your opponents, and so we made one. Two to four disgustingly wealthy Victorian folks take turns trying to outbrag each other with outlandish tales of famous folks they have encountered. One of them makes a wager that his story will be better than the rest  - but since money is of little value to these folks, the stakes quickly escalate. Players compete to tell the most incredible stories possible wagering parts of their own bodies in the ultimate gambling tournament. It takes cunning, skill and imagination to come out ahead, and even then you might come out just a head.

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Epic Epoch


Status:  in development
Ever wonder what would have happened if Hannibal decide to cross the Alps with marmosets instead of elephants? Or if Shakespeare hadn't hired a proofreader? Or if Newton's only thought when he saw that apple fall was to make a pie out of it? You can cause or prevent all of those events and more in Epic Epoch. Using elements of worker placement and dice rolling, players 
use their time machines to create resources and power wormholes that take them to specific events in history. Depending on what resources they have at their disposal they can either choose to ensure the events happen correctly or vastly alter the timeline of human history. As they move through each of the epochs (Stone Age, Ancient, Renisance, Industrial and Modern) they collect points based on their actions, all the while attempting to sabotage each other. By the time they reach the Future, the fate of mankind will be decided.

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Oops I Burned Down Mexico


Status:  unavailable

Not only is this game unavailable, it never was available. Only one copy was ever made; we quickly realized that we had less of a marketable product  in our hands and more of a lawsuit. The game concerns a group of tourists who have accidentaly set their vacation destination on fire and are frantically trying to escape. In order to do so they must create a ladder to climb up over the wall to freedom and procure a donkey to transport it. The problem is that all of the donkeys have an std and a cure must be created before they can be used. Players compete in a series of terrible and sometimes dangerous challenges to get the things they need and are frequently punished by having to do a “hat dance”  a grueling gantlet around a circular board lined with shots. This is not just a drinking game, it's a hardcore drinking game. Not recommended for anyone. Ever.